Housing reform in the old town

In the historic heart of Ciutadella, where time seems to whisper stories between cobbled streets and centuries-old walls, is this singular duplex apartment, an urban refuge that reinterprets the concept of housing with ingenuity and sensitivity.

Located on a second floor, this great little treasure invites you to discover a livable experience that perfectly fuses modernity and tradition. As we ascend the staircase, we are welcomed by a open daytime space, the result of the intelligent opening of partitions, which bathes each corner with light thanks to its large windows.

A unique architectural element connects this level with the private roof terrace: a sculptural steel staircase, which not only serves as a means of communication between plants, but also acts as a light source, bathing the environment in warm indirect lighting.

The finishes, selected with meticulous care in collaboration with the owner, are a reflection of her demanding taste and sensitivity. Neutral tones and materials of the highest quality combine to create an atmosphere of timeless sophistication, where every detail breathes harmony and balance.

This apartment is more than just a place to live; It is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of the vibrant Ciutadella. A space where natural light flows freely, where contemporary architecture dialogues with history, and where every corner invites contemplation and enjoyment.