Architects in Menorca

The studio, founded by architects in Menorca, Sandra Díaz Moll and Miquel Àngel Apesteguia Nadal, is distinguished by its comprehensive and collaborative approach. We have a team of experts in various areas, including structural calculation, energy efficiency, landscaping, photography and interior design, which allows us to approach each project with a holistic and detailed perspective.

Since 2000, we have been immersed in the creation and development of architectural projects in Menorca and more there, both in the private and public spheres. Our portfolio covers a wide variety of architectural typologies, including residential homes, public spaces, hospitality and restaurant establishments, as well as commercial premises. This diverse spectrum of projects has allowed us to acquire vast experience and adaptability to meet the specific needs of each client.

We are especially passionate about the challenge of rehabilitation and transformation of existing buildings. We firmly believe in the importance of respecting and preserving the original essence and spirit of structures, while adapting them to new uses and contemporary needs. This approach allows us to give new life to buildings with history, integrating modernity without losing their heritage identity.

Likewise, we have developed numerous new construction projects. In each of them, our goal is to capture and reflect the unique personality and character of the place and the developer. We strive for each architectural work to become an authentic manifestation of the vision and values ​​of the client, ensuring that the final result is not only functional and aesthetic, but also a faithful reflection of the identity and cultural context of its environment.

In short, as architects in Menorca, we are committed to offering innovative and personalized solutions, which harmonize with the landscape and heritage of the island, contributing to sustainable development and the architectural beauty of each project we undertake.