Housing renovation in Ciutadella

In an elegant design twist, the kitchen is moved to the heart of the home, merging with the main room to create an open and bright space that breathes the impressive views of the bay of Ciutadella. This transformation not only expands the feeling of spaciousness, but also invites a harmonious connection between inner life and the outer beauty of the Mediterranean landscape.

The color palette chosen by Virginia Barber, interior design, is based on neutral and light tones, like a blank canvas that highlights the clean lines of the furniture and the spectacular panorama. This chromatic sobriety allows natural light to flood the room, bathing each corner with a welcoming warmth.

The furniture elements, carefully selected by the renowned interior designer, stand out for their minimalist and functional design. Each piece integrates perfectly into the whole, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere at the same time. Attention to detail is reflected in the impeccable finishes and the intelligent distribution of space, which optimizes each square meter without sacrificing elegance.

The final result is a symphony of space, light and good taste, where the kitchen becomes the epicenter of family life, inviting you to share unforgettable moments while enjoying the incomparable beauty of the bay of Ciutadella. A unique space that reinterprets the concept of home, fusing the functional with the aesthetic in a tribute to the Mediterranean.