The house is the result of research into new ways of living, landscape, construction systems, innovation in materials, new technologies and alternative energies.

Emerging subtly from the ground, this house is presented as a cubic body that houses two living levels carefully designed for comfort and connection with the natural environment. The ground floor, semi-submerged, offers an intimate refuge that invites tranquility and concentration. Here, a study, a library and a play area invite creativity, learning and fun, while two bedrooms and a bathroom ensure rest and privacy. Completing this level, are the services and facilities, a patio that bathes the space in light and an independent access. The upper floor, accessible by an elegant walkway, becomes the social heart of the house. The kitchen, the living room, a bathroom and a bedroom are integrated into an open and bright environment, thanks to large windows that frame panoramic views of the garden. The kitchen invites to culinary creation and to share moments with the family, while the living room, with its cozy fireplace, becomes the perfect setting for relaxation and leisure. The master bedroom, an oasis of peace, offers a space for rest and disconnection. The ground floor, divided into three modules according to the facade, makes the most of natural light. The space that protrudes from the floor is glazed, allowing the light to filter in a cross-shaped way, bathing all the rooms in warm natural lighting. An English patio connects the semi-basement with the outside, creating a fluid transition between the inside and the outside. The sliding windows reinforce this visual connection, allowing you to enjoy the greenery of the garden from any point on the ground floor. The house is conceived as a tribute to the traditional architecture of the region, integrating its natural energy efficiency strategies in a contemporary design. Orientation, cross ventilation, the use of local materials and passive solar protection are some of the principles that guide the project, creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly home. A personalized shelter, beyond its functional and efficient design, this home becomes a blank canvas to embody the personality and needs of its inhabitants. The flexibility of the spaces allows them to be adapted to different uses and lifestyles, creating a unique and tailor-made home. This house is more than a simple shelter; is an oasis of well-being where the connection with nature, comfort and energy efficiency combine to create a unique space that invites you to live in harmony with yourself and the environment.