Consolidation of the Rambla Tower

In the heart of the Albufera des Grau Natural Park, in Menorca, stands an imposing lookout of the Mediterranean: the Torre de Rambla. Built between 1799 and 1802 during British rule, this coastal defense tower has witnessed centuries of history and changes in the landscape. However, the passage of time and erosion had begun to leave their mark, putting its structural integrity at risk.

Faced with this situation, the Insular Council de Menorcatook the initiative in 2013 to commission a consolidation project to save this valuable historical heritage. The intervention, carried out in 2022, has been an example of meticulous and environmentally friendly restoration.

The team of architects experts in charge of the project faced the challenge to address the structural problems of the tower without altering its historical essence. With a meticulous approach, we proceeded to recover all the stone pieces that had fallen off over time, returning them to their original place.

In those areas where the structure required it, new material was carefully incorporated, always guaranteeing harmony with the original construction. To consolidate the exterior skin, pozzolanic mortar was used, a traditional mixture that provides resistance and durability, respecting the aesthetics of the tower at the same time.

Aware of the environmental value of the natural environment surrounding the Torre de Rambla, special measures were taken during the works to minimize the impact on the ecosystem. Careful waste management, noise control and the implementation of sustainable practices were priorities throughout the process.

Thanks to this exemplary intervention, the Rambla Tower has recovered its stability and splendor, guaranteeing its conservation for future generations. It now stands as a symbol of the resistance of historical heritage and sensitivity towards the environment, a lighthouse that will continue to illuminate the Menorca coast for many more years.